What is Hentai porn and why is it so popular?

The past few years, pornography viewing has risen quite dramatically. With so many people having access to mobile devices and the internet, looking at porn is easier than ever. According to some studies, almost 44 percent of all internet users spend time viewing free sex pics and porn material. Some of the most popular websites, recently released data about what visitors watched most of. Out of hundreds of categories in porn, there were a few which were more popular than most. The lesbian, ebony, MILF, cumshots and hentai were just some of the highest viewed.

While the other categories were not that surprising to people, the hentai porn was. Part of that is because many do not even know what hentai porn is or why it is so popular. The truth is that there are a lot of things about the hentai porn category that will likely surprise you. First of all, hentai is referred to as animated porn of Japanese origin. It is a subgenre of anime and manga. In the hentai porn world, the characters are usually into sex. The stories are also highly sexually explicit containing drawn characters who love sex.

One of the biggest myths or misconception about hentai porn is that most think it is new. However, that is not the case since hentai porn has been around since before the 17th century. Back then it was called hentai manga or anime. It originated in Japan where sexually explicit drawings were done to depict couples having intercourse. In the 80s hentai took on a new meaning with the episodes of Lolita Anime. In that series, there were rapes, bondage, sexual games and underage sex featured.

Part of the reason hentai porn gifs are so popular is how broad the range can be. In addition, there are no limits to what hentai creators can draw or come with when it comes to stories, characters and sex. It is very easy to make the women much more voluptuous than real life girls. At the same time, the men are drawn with huge and extreme cocks which defy reality. The hentai women have tight pussies which then the guys with gigantic dicks, fuck hard.

Most experts believe that the abnormal part of hentai is what helps make it so popular. Today, you can find all types of crazy and weird hentai porn gifs, videos and sex pics. Some of the hentai gifs show beautiful women getting fucked by aliens. In other instances, you have hentai characters having sex with rabbits, midgets or famous cartoon characters. The imagination of a hentai creator is the only limitation for the category. That makes hentai unlike real porn movies where there is a limit to what the actors and actresses can do. In a hentai sex gifs, you can see all kinds of sexual acts going on.

Although hentai porn is very popular, those that work in the industry keep their work quiet. These people fear the stigma which comes with being labeled a hentai animator. Not only do these artists not reveal their work to regular people. They also hide it from their own friends and family out of fear of being stigmatized.

Many say that the rapes or other illegal things depicted in many hentai porn gifs and sex pics are what make it so beloved as well. Young teens enjoy watching Disney or TV characters have sex in hentai sex GIFS. They can see any of them get fucked and banged by others. In the world of hentai porn, the vast majority of women are perfect. They all have beautiful faces and hot bodies. The hot hentai girls also posses perfect tits and asses. The breast are taut, round and flawless in every way. The pussies are drawn with extreme realism as well.

Free sex pics or hentai sex GIFS can be of anything as well. Most categories in porn are limited to their own genres. However, that is not the case for hentai animated porn. Hentai sex GIFS and hentai free sex pics can be of anything or anyone. You will see top rated and popular hentai lesbian sex gifs. The same goes for other popular categories in porn that hentai can mimic. They include anal sex, orgies, sex with animals, sex with aliens and S&M.

In all, there is no end to what hentai porn, videos, stories or sex pics can be about. Hentai animated sex GIFS contain all types of characters from films and TV. Coincidentally, there are countless of hentai personas which began their career in that industry. Then, the hentai characters went on to mainstream films or something else. Ultimately, hentai porn will only grow in popularity since it is able to change accordingly. Plus, with so many technological breakthroughs, the character’s realness will only get better. Since hentai porn has no limitations, it can and will do what the people desire to view. Because of that, hentai porn gifs, hentai sex pics and videos, will continue to be popular.



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