One of the great things about Television is the vast amount of choices viewers have. People are able to find any type of content they want. For adults who are interested in watching shows especially for them, there are plenty. Shows full of nudity, hot sex, infidelities, prostitution and betrayal are everywhere. Besides cable, you can use streaming services to watch erotic, romantic and seductive programming with your significant other. Below is a compilation of the most sexiest TV shows for 2018.

Game Of Thrones

Besides being one of the best shows when it comes to graphics, plots and characters, the series has tons of sex. You can enjoy all types of hot sex scenes including girl on girl, prostitution, cheating and much more. Several hot stars take off their clothes in front of the camera for GOT.

Masters Of Sex

When you have a show where the main characters study sex, there’s going to be plenty of material to research. This show has tons of sexy, hot and erotic sex scenes. Plus, you can learn a thing of two about intercourse while you’re at it.


People who want reality sex in their shows will appreciate Girls. They do not glamorize sex as other TV programs do. Instead, they offer a straight forward depiction of what real sex is. You can see several characters showcasing their bodies, even in awkward and ineptitude moments.


The heroine in this story is a female where her fantasies come to life. That includes several romantic and sexual encounters. Having a show which takes time to focus on the female pleasures is great. Especially if it’s done during the love making scenes.


Just like the name says, you will see plenty of naked skin here. The young adults in this TV show are from Bristol, England. You can see them going through life as they have sex in all types of places. Fast living and relationship issues dealing with teenagers always leads to sex, among other things.

Orange Is The New Black

Movies about women prisons have always been popular. The same for anything which contains lesbian sex acts. You get plenty of both here since the series is about a hot chick in a girl’s prison. These inmates take you through various rides, rivalries and sex acts worth watching.

True Blood

Those that enjoy vampires and sex, will love True Blood. That’s because there is plenty of both on this popular show. Tackling issues that are real, the show also uses a fantasy angle to bring them to light. And to make them more enjoyable, terrifying and fascinating.


Viewers who enjoy movies such as Gladiator and Rome series on HBO, will like Spartacus. Besides the usual to the death bloody sword battles, you also have sex. There is nothing like guts and sex to make a show a hit. This is the recipe the show has used for success since there are many sexual encounters here.

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